Luciana teams up with Hardwell and Joey Dale for ‘Arcadia’

There’s a reason why they call him the world’s greatest DJ, Hardwell’s brand new track, a collaboration with fellow label prodigy, Joey Dale. “Arcadia” on Hardwell‘s ownRevealed Recordings is taking the EDM world by storm. It’ll only take a matter of seconds for Hardwell fans to get hooked; the new tune comes equipped with his classic big room baselines and an unmistakable energy. What is being hailed as this summer’s ‘anthem’ “Arcadia” features the English songstress, LA based Luciana, whose vocals create that awe inspiring, goose-bump inducing melody before you even hear the drop. A mighty collaboration by the worlds most prolific EDM artists.

Arcadia available from Beatport.


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Luciana pays homage to ‘BLONDIE’


Luciana always makes it known that Debbie Harry and Blondie were one of her biggest influences. As Blondie celebrate their 40th anniversary Luciana wanted to pay ‘homage’ to her idol by re-creating the ‘Parallel Lines’ album cover. “It’s so iconic” says luciana. “I still have the cover in a frame in my studio, and have always wanted to re create it. My creative partner came up with the idea of me in the role of all 6 band members , and i was like, Can you do that?”

“It was so much fun, We wanted to pay close attention to detail but I knew I didn’t want to wear the blonde wig, That’s Debbie’s crown!!”

It’s pretty awesome when compared with the original, you have to agree.




Luciana recalls, “In the eighties to me ‘Blondie’ were everything. I used to use my hair brush as a mic and go nuts to ‘hanging on the telephone’, I wanted to be her so badly, I even dyed my hair blonde once. Which was a mistake. I say Blonde, it went orange and snapped off! Those were the days!!”

Luciana released an album exclusively to soundcloud called “All Of Me’ late last year, which was a Blondie inspired project. Click HERE to listen to Luciana’s “All of Me”

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NEW MUSIC ALERT-Reid Stefan & Richard Vission Ft. Luciana – Dirty Fingers (VIP Edit)


Reid Stefan & Richard Vission Ft. Luciana – Dirty Fingers (VIP Edit) – Solmatic Records

“Dirty Fingers” is funk-fueled, piano laced, full of horns and good vibes! Luciana’s delivers her signature, in your face, feisty, punk-edged vocals.

Click your DIRTY FINGERS here to sing a long to the lyric video.

Your DIRTY FINGERS here to buy on Beatport.

Reid Stefan

Richard Vission…


Solmatic Records

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VIBE Friday Rewind: 10 EDM Hits To Kick Off The Weekend

Kick off the weekend with these top 10 dance music releases from the past week, curated by DJ, producer and vocalist Lea Luna.

YouTube Preview Image

1. Dave Aude vs Luciana- “You Only Talk In #Hashtag”
Dance music’s chart-topping, hit-making duo Dave Aude and Luciana are out with their colorful new video, “You Only Talk in #Hashtag,” where you see London-bred Luciana strutting Hollywood Boulevard in an amazing dress by Jeffrey Bryant (designer for Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran). Luciana tells VIBE: “Hashtag is a social commentary about the fact that it’s so difficult to truly connect these days as we only ever talk in #Hashtags! We live in a society where we have to be quick to get #heard; the song is poking fun at how we communicate.” Luciana needn’t sweat it, this clever song is sure to go viral whether it’s hashtagged or not!

Click HERE  for full article.



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EQ Music Blog- “You Only Talk In #HASHTAG” by Dave Audé vs Luciana



Photo credit: © David T Burgoyne .

Extra kudos to the electro queen launching her vocal assault on the hashtagging favourite LOL, by raising it in a tribute likeness to that of LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” refrain “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” – “LOL, LOL, LOL”, priceless but genius action all the same.

Click HERE for full story.

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Perez Hilton shows some #hashtag Love.


YouTube Preview Image

First we got the Selfie song. Now we have…

The #Hashtag song! And this one is better! MUCH better!
Luciana (of I Like That fame) and remixer/producer Dave Aude have teamed up for a very of-the-moment dance song that’s #superfun!

You Only Talk In #Hashtag is #NSFW and soon to be sweeping dancefloors across the globe!

Check out the #hotness above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Luciana!

And then CLICK HERE to check out more tunes from Dave Aude!

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Dave Aude vs Luciana. You Only Talk In #HASHTAG. (New Video)

Luciana once again teams up with the audacious Dave Aude on this pounding electro jam which features The Queen of Electro talking sarcastically in #hashtags with that fierce attitude and feisty, in your face, punk-edged vocals  that makes her such a beloved part of clubland.

YouTube Preview Image


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You Only Talk In #HASHTAG- Notable Dance



You only talk in hashtag!!

By now you’ve seen the infamous “#Hashtag” skit from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake- well, here comes the long-awaited dance track sampling it. Constructed by Dave Aude, the pounding electro jam features Luciana talking sarcastically in #hashtags with that vulgar and dry wit that makes her such a beloved part of clubland. Whether or not this is a response to the omnipresent“#Selfie” by Chainsmokers is unknown, but the satirical and rhythmic similarity makes it seem quite likely. Either way, “#Hashtag” will definitely be a fun track to drop on an unexpecting dancefloor right afterwards.

Click HERE to listen to #

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# HASHTAG. Dave Audé vs Luciana


#newmusic Luciana and Dave Aude team up again in this #terrific new track, #Hashtag.

Luciana’s feisty vocals over Aude’s stomping beats prove yet again that they can #bringit.

Here’s a quick snippet from bootleg Dirty Sanchez. Hashtag on sound cloud.



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#GUESSWHAT, Luciana and Cazwell tear up #BIGGAYDAY

Sunday night at Brisbane’s #BIGGAYDAY was all about Luciana and Cazwell. The pair on tour from the States have been tearing up the club scene since Mardis Gras ‘Wonderland’ at The Ivy. From Perth to Sydney ,  Newcastle to Brisbane, Luciana and Cazwell have been serving up a slice of fabulous giving us their own banger track #GUESSWHAT. It’s hotter than a #redhotchillipepper and their on stage chemistry was the talk of BIG GAY DAY, Brisbane.


luci in clark

Luciana’s amazing ‘straws dress’ by pop art fashion designer Jeffrey Bryant couldn’t have been more perfect. Luciana says ” I’ve been getting so many people want to take a sip from my straws and asking how many are actually in it. I really have no idea but I know it was made with love.”

Your chance to catch their performance right here and see for yourself the mighty duo in all their glory.

YouTube Preview Image




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